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Our commitment to quality in providing our clients with effective legal and commercial solutions is one of the reasons why many of our Partners are recognised as leaders in their respective fields by various legal publications and industry watchers.


Graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia in 2006 and called to the Bar in 2007, he was, from the very beginning, under the tutelage of Yusfarizal at Messrs Zulpadli & Edham, specializing in general litigation, especially big-ticket corporate litigations. His contributions to the firm were eventually recognized and he was elevated to the position of partner, helming the firm’s litigation department together with Yusfarizal. When Yusfarizal dreamt of bigger dreams, he naturally followed and was one of the founding partners of YAZ. During his early practice years, despite his tight schedule and hectic lifestyle, as any litigation lawyer worth his salt can testify, he nevertheless managed to further his studies at Universiti Malaya and was conferred with LLM with distinction, all while still practicing as a full-fledged litigation lawyer. His forte is general litigation, particularly contested corporate disputes, construction law and tortious liability cases.

    1. Conducted trial and arbitration proceeding for construction disputes.
    2. Experienced in conducting construction claims through adjudication proceeding.
    3. Conducted trial against National Registration Department for negligence.
    4. Conducted trial on a defamation suit and counter claim for tort of interference.
    5. Representing Amanah Raya Capital Berhad in contested foreclosure
    6. Conducted trial and appeal against MARA for dipute of payment
    1. Conducted trial and appeal against MARA for dispute of payment .
    2. Conducting trial on credit card fraud.
    3. Have a wide experience in winding-up dispute.
    4. Advising Exim Bank Malaysia Berhad on various issues involving cross-border loan and litigation process.
    5. Representing Exim Bank Malaysia Berhad, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad in numerous disputed litigations.
    6. Representing Al-Rajhi Banking in a suit against a rubber supplier.
    • 2016 – Present: Messrs, Yusfarizal, Aziz & Zaid (Managing Partner)
    • 2004 – 2015: Messrs, Zulpadli & Edham (Partner)
    1. Bankruptcy Proceeding Training
    2. Credit & Loan Processing Legal Mechanics Training
    3. Foreclosure Proceeding Training & Seminar
    4. Civil & Foreclosure Proceeding Seminar
    5. Hire Purchase: Procedure & Legal Consequences Seminar
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