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Dispute Resolution

Our litigation team is spearheaded by Yusfarizal Yussoff, the Managing Partner. We are proud to say that dispute resolution has been our forte since inception. Equipped with years of experience in multifaceted and diversified litigation matter, our team has been entrusted by established conglomerates and important individuals to be their frontline in their legal disputes.

Teamwork, in-depth understanding of the Law, and mental endurance are among the keys to our success. The team has handled complex contractual disputes in a variety of industries such as construction, oil and gas as well as energy. Perusing voluminous of documents from “cover to cover” to dissect the relevant facts, and developing legal theories thereafter has been our SOP for all types of cases.

In cases that involves technical issues that are absolutely alien to layman, mental endurance is needed. A medical negligence's case involving unpronounceable jargons and complicated diagnosis is one of the example of cases that we have handled. We had also conducted a full-blown trial for negligence against public electricity provider. The ability to quickly grasp the nuances of different disciplines helps us in cross-examining various experts across various fields.

Apart from litigation matter in Court, our team had also represented clients in arbitration proceedings. Arbitration team led by Mohammad Zaid had successfully conducted numerous cases against construction giants and governmental agencies for breach of construction contracts. As the world progresses with trending electronic commerce (e-commerce), the firm had also been keeping abreast with the ensuing legal problems. The firm had been appointed by clients to handled copyright matters, anti-money laundering cases, breaches of confidential data as well as online defamation.

On top of that, the Banking & Islamic Finance Department of the firm has been providing total solution for financial institutions in terms of product advisory, business mechanism, legal compliance as well as representing clients in a “run-of-the-mill” debt recovery and complex contractual disputes.

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