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The Notice

  1. This Personal Data Notice (“Notice”) describes how Messrs Yusfarizal Aziz & Zaid (“YAZ”) uses your Personal Data.
  2. This Notice is issued pursuant to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act“)
  3. For the purpose of the Act, YAZ is the data user.

Definition Of PDPA

"Personal Data" means information about you which you have provided to YAZ, such as your name, address, telephone number, NRIC, email address, your personal preferences, particulars of your spouse or family members and bank account information and any information which may identify you, your spouse or family members that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed by YAZ from time to time.

Collection Of Personal Data

By submitting your own or another individual’s personal data, you confirm that you and such other individual agree to our collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with this Notice. Please do not send us any Personal Data if you do not want it to be used in this way.

By engaging and/or appointing and/or retaining YAZ to provide services or by interacting with YAZ either at our events, conferences, seminars, talks or otherwise, or by using the YAZ website https://www.yaz-law.com ("Website"), you consent to the processing of your Personal Data by YAZ and all persons involved in the provision of services by YAZ.

Purpose of Collection

By providing your Personal Data to YAZ, you agree and give your consent that YAZ may use and process your Personal Data for the purposes relating to the services you have requested and for the business activities of YAZ which shall include, without limitation:-

  1. to communicate with you;
  2. to respond to questions and comments from you;
  3. for internal administrative purposes;
  4. to provide information to regulatory and governmental authorities in order to comply with statutory and government requirements.
  5. for YAZ’s compliance with its responsibilities and/or obligations under law;

YAZ may also use and process your data for other purposes such as:-

  1. to provide you with publications and client communications which we think you will find valuable;
  2. to distribute information or details of events, seminars, conferences and talks which may of interest to you;
  3. to invite you to events we think you will be interested in;
  4. to provide and improve our services to you and our clients;
  5. to manage our relationship with you and our clients;
  6. to fulfil our legal obligations, protect our legal interests and rights;
  7. for the purposes of recruitment and other legitimate business purposes.

Notification of Non-Consent

If you do not consent to YAZ processing your Personal Data for the purposes listed above, please notify YAZ immediately by emailing to us at general@yaz-law.com.

Should you continue to access this Website without notifying us of your non-consent to the terms and conditions contained herein, we shall presumed that you have given your consent, and you cannot thereafter deny of the same.